Why do most Advisors Fail?

I think most Advisors fail because of the following:
-Lack of a clear and compelling vision for their future business.
-No concrete plan of action.
-Inconsistent execution.
-Resulting in a business:
– with too many clients
– generating too little money
– consuming too many hours
So what can Advisors do to be even more successful, you might ask.
- Know the right questions to ask and when to ask them.
- Listen with empathy.
- When it’s your turn to talk to be able to articulate your ideas and your advice with conviction so your clients and your prospective clients respond positively and implement.

“You build trust by listening to their story, not by telling yours.”  –Bill Bachrach
“You build trust by inspiring people with positive emotions, NOT with fear or greed.” –Bill Bachrach

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