Speaking the “Language of Trust.” – Part 2

When you think about speaking the language of trust, what are some of the right questions to ask? In the beginning of a potential business relationship the questions are open-ended and about things that are meaningful, important, significant, and compelling to them. Questions like:
- What’s important to you?
- What are you most passionate about? People? Causes?
- What’s more important in your life than money?
- Who do you care about?
- What are your aspirations for the future?

Notice how the questions are oriented to draw out things that are positive and tend to stimulate positive emotions. Consider the positive orientation of these questions in contrast to how the old-school salesperson would tend to focus on questions that draw out problems and fears. Don’t be a salesperson, be a trusted advisor.

Speaking the language of trust means that you ask questions where the answers inspire people about their futures, not scare them about the future. The better you understand what inspires a person about the future the more likely it is that they will feel good about you, even trust you. This puts you in a much better position to make an offer that might help them have the future they aspire to. More about making the offer later.

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