Is the Flat Fee for Financial Advice about to go Mainstream?

On March 15 Bill Bachrach conducted a Webinar for FA Magazine called, Is the Flat Fee for Financial Advice about to go Mainstream? There is a “new normal” appearing in the world of financial advice. Like the switch from car phones to the smart phone and the price of stock trades changing from hundreds or thousands of dollars to seven dollars a trade, the financial services mindset is rapidly shifting and leaving what used to be “normal” forever in the dust.

In this what-to-do and how-to-do-it webinar, Bill Bachrach explored the trends that are leading to the popularity of the flat-fee-for-advice model. He will address how making the product the advice rather than the product being financial plans, investments, insurance, annuities, tax returns, and / or legal documents can change your client’s perceptions of you in an extremely positive way.

When you attend this webinar, you will learn:
-How the flat-fee-for-advice model will protect you during economic downturns
-How fee-based and fee-only are different
-How the continuing advisor mindset is shifting towards goal-oriented advice
-Why it should matter to you
-How you can capitalize on this opportunity
-How to discuss the transition to flat-fee-for-advice model to your clients
-How you should set your fee
-How to present a better value proposition at a lower fee
-How being on the front-end of this trend could open the door to more high net-worth clients

It’s possible for a client or prospective clients’ perception of your trustworthiness to be different than your actual trustworthiness. And this perception could be influenced by how you choose to be paid.

In Bill Bachrach’s article in the March issue of FA Magazine, he explored 3 things:
1. The trends that I see that are leading to a flat fee for advice financial services world. I believe this is inevitable and may happen rapidly and soon.
2. Why it matters to you.
3. How you can capitalize on this opportunity.

If you haven’t seen Bill’s article in the March issue of FA Magazine, you need to read it. Enjoy the webinar ( and the article.

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