Would You Like to Reach the Top 1 Percent of Financial Advisors and Create Your Ideal Life in Four Years or Less?

If You'd Like to Tap into More of Your Potential, You've Come
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As a financial advisor, you have the opportunity to have an Ideal Life income, time freedom and the ability to help people. Yet, most financial advisors are working too many hours, serving too many of the wrong clients and making too little money.  Join Bachrach and Associates, Inc. and decide to make a change from that old business model.  You will learn results-oriented, proven systems that will help you reach the top 1 percent of financial advisors, acquiring Ideal Clients and building an Ideal Business so you can experience your Ideal Life.

We Help You Attain:

Your Ideal Clients

Your Ideal ClientsPartner with BAI and in four years or less you will have an Ideal Client Community, usually between 75 and 100 clients, that you built by referral-only. Your existing clients will transfer all their assets to you, implement all your advice and refer more Ideal Clients to you. Prospective clients will hire you in the first meeting, transfer all their assets to you, pay attention to your advice, implement all your advice and refer more Ideal Clients to you.

Your Ideal Business

Your Ideal BusinessHow would you like to be doing work you find fulfilling, for people you enjoy helping, earning all the money you need to make your personal life work in a way that provides enough time freedom to live a great life? Partner with BAI and enjoy a 32-hour (or less) work week, a finite number of Ideal Clients, an annual recurring revenue between $500,000 and $2 million and a business that runs like a Swiss watch that's worth millions of dollars.

Your Ideal Life

Your Ideal LifeWhat does your Ideal Life look like, sound like and feel like? What are you doing, who are you with, and who are you being?

Your Ideal Life is simply that place where you have the money and the time freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, with the people you care about.

Join us and learn to accelerate the speed in which you acquire Ideal Clients, build your Ideal Business and create your Ideal Life.

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