Help Your Financial Professionals Explore Their Values, Identify Their Goals and Gain a Clear Understanding of Where They Are

Success Road Map® by Bill Bachrach

Success Road MapThe Success Road Map® is designed to help your financial professionals explore their values, identify their goals and gain a clear understanding of where they are now versus where they want to be from a professional perspective.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to respect their goals and inspire them to achieve them.  You are, in effect, their day-to-day Accountability Coach. Their Success Road Map® is the tool you use to keep them focused and always making progress toward their goals. It should be the foundation of every progress meeting you conduct with them.

Every day I look at my Success Road Map® to get centered on what’s really important to me and the goals I am shooting for. This provides me with a constant reminder of the importance of building a successful business that will fuel my personal goals and personal dreams.

- Derieck Hodges

The Success Road Map® has been a very powerful tool in my life and in the life of my team. For me personally, the Success Road Map® has re-energized and refocused me in times when I really, really needed it.

- Mark Little

The Success Road Map® helps me get and keep focused. It reinforces what is really important and what really is not worth worrying about.

- Irving Foster

My Success Road Map® provides a framework for really thinking and reflecting on success. I am clear about why I come in the office and do the work necessary to acquire clients. The clarity of my purpose is important in putting meaning into what otherwise would be trivial and distasteful tasks.

- Peter Oldziey