Values-Based Financial Planning

Do you have clients who do some of their business with you, but not all of it? Do you have clients who do transactions with you, but not comprehensive planning? Do you have clients who have some of their assets under your management, but have more money elsewhere...maybe a lot more? Do you have clients who follow some of your advice, but don't follow all of your advice? Do you have clients who know lots of people they could be referring you to, but they aren't?

What would have to happen to shift these client relationships to a deeper level of trust so they do all of their business with you, bring all of their assets under your management, follow all of your advice, and introduce you to everybody they know who could possibly be an Ideal Client for you?

What impact would having the skill to create this relationship shift have on your business? How much more money would you make? How much more time freedom would you have? And how would that impact your overall professional and personal satisfaction?

In this session Bill will demonstrate the 5 conversations of the Financial Road Map® interview, the crux of Values-Based Financial Planning™. In about an hour, effectively implementing the Financial Road Map® interview shifts the relationships to a deeper level of trust that inspires new and existing clients to:

  • hire you to create a financial plan (and pay for it)
  • consolidate all of their assets and financial affairs with you
  • ignore "financial pornography"
  • act on your advice
  • referrals

I have been using the Financial Road Map® for many years. As a person who is obsessed with keeping track of what works I can tell you that I get hired 98.7% of the time that I conduct a Financial Road Map® Interview. 77% of the time at the first meeting."

– Chris Passero
CPA, Nitro, West Virginia

In the past 2 ½years I have conducted 80 Financial Road Map® interviews and acquired 32 Ideal Clients creating $600,000 of recurring revenue as a result. I have absolute conviction we are doing the right thing for the clients."

– Bruce Christie
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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