The Roadmap to Success

In this presentation Bill shares 7 essential ingredients that the most successful advisors use to propel themselves to the next level on their unique road to success. Here's what they will learn:

  • Why this is GREAT time to be a Financial Advisor!
  • How a compelling vision of your future can help you tap into your own, personal motivation to do the work your goals require to achieve them. Especially when it's hard or you just don't feel like it.
  • How to model the right mindset to remain focused and on-track to achieve your goals, regardless of external negative events that are beyond your control.
  • Why being a Trusted Advisor, not a salesperson, will help you attract and retain better clients.
  • What a better value proposition can do to help you attract and retain better clients.
  • That there is no silver bullet, so stop looking and just do the work your goals require to achieve them.
  • How the power of self-belief and borrowing the belief of others can propel you to higher levels of success than you may have previously believed possible.

Advisors leave this session with tools and inspiration to create a roadmap so they can more quickly and easily reach higher levels of success.

Bill Bachrach Handshake

You did an awesome job for us and we are very grateful! The feedback from Advisors has been truly extraordinary. The road show exceeded our expectations. Your energy, effort, and enthusiasm were visible and much appreciated. I can't thank you enough!"

– Chris Freeman
Head of BT Wrap, BT Financial Group

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