High-Trust Leadership for Wholesalers

Just as trust is the glue that holds the Advisor - Client relationship together, so it is with the Wholesaler - Advisor relationship.

This session considers the importance of the high-trust relationship between the wholesaler and advisor, how to establish it, how to maintain it, and how use it to inspire advisors do more business with the wholesaler and his / her company. Wholesalers will become better at attracting and retaining relationships with more successful advisors in a way that increases the flow of business into their products and services.

Wholesalers will learn:

  • How to tap into an advisor's most important goals and most deeply held values to inspire them to do more business with the wholesaler and his / her company.
  • How to structure a more targeted business plan that cultivates relationships with successful advisors and converts those relationships to enough business to exceed their goals.
  • Self-leadership to do the work required to achieve their goals, especially when they don't feel like it.
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