Bill Bachrach's expertise is the subject of TRUST. Simply put, trust is the single most important thing that determines a person's success or failure as a financial professional. Trust trumps technical competence, credentials, sales skills, marketing acumen, time in the business, and investment track record. This is true in all economies, every state in America, in the big cities and the small towns, and all corners of the world. It was true before Bernie Madoff, the latest financial crisis, and 24/7 cable news. It's true today. And will be true tomorrow.


The most trusted brands in the financial services industry trust Bill Bachrach to deliver action-able ideas in an inspiring manner… time after time after time.

Clients of Bill Bachrach

Bill Bachrach, CSP, CPAE

Trust has been, and always will be, the single most important thing that has to happen for two people to do business together, especially when it comes to money."

- Bill Bachrach

The Impact of a Bill Bachrach Speech and / or Workshop:

  • More revenue from planning and advice.
  • More revenue from increased AUM / FUM.
  • More revenue from asset consolidation.
  • More revenue from other advice implemented: insurance, annuities, estate planning, alternatives, SMSF, etc.
  • A business that's better prepared for succession
Trust Dial

Everyone has an imaginary 'trust dial' embedded in their subconscious and everything you say and do moves the needle on that trust dial... one direction or the other."

- Bill Bachrach

For over 25 years Bill Bachrach has been teaching financial professionals to speak the language of trust and the art of building high-trust client relationships. Beginning in 1988, after being a successful financial advisor himself, Bill became the driving force behind the Trusted Advisor and Values-Based movements in the financial services industry. Over this time he has earned the reputation as the world's leading authority on the subject of trust for financial professionals.

Bill Stage 3His books are industry best-sellers and his articles are published and republished in our most-respected journals. Bill has delivered well over 1,000 presentations for nearly every major financial services firm and association in the English-speaking world, including 11x for the Financial Planning Association, 5x for MDRT, and 4x for Top of the Table. Financial Planning Magazine inducted him into their Hall of Fame as one of our industry's most influential people and the National Speakers Association inducted him into their Hall of Fame for his platform speaking skills.

Powerful content combined with excellent delivery are not two things that often go together. You usually get either industry expertise OR great presentation skills. Bill Bachrach delivers both. And his message is vital for every veteran who seeks to build a better clientele and every rookie who is serious about being successful.

When the subject is trust the most qualified person to deliver is Bill Bachrach. Consider a keynote plus a breakout at your next conference for maximum value.

Presentation Topics

The following presentations can be customized as keynotes, breakout sessions, or longer workshops:

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To check Bill’s availability or to schedule him for your next speaking engagement, contact us online or call Anne Bachrach, Financial Services Speakers Network, directly at (619) 269-4491.