Transform Your Financial Services Organization Utilizing Bill Bachrach's Expertise

Bill BachrachOne of the most popular resources in the world for highly successful financial advisors who seek to be at the top of our profession, Bill Bachrach, is available for corporate speaking, training, and consulting engagements. Transform your financial services organization by engaging Bill to share his powerful, take-home, valuable message of building high-trust relationships and delivering more value to create even better client experiences with your advisors.

How Bill Can Help

Corporate Speaking

Keynote, Breakout Session or Stand Alone Program(s)

Bill's demo videoCould your advisors benefit from learning how to build high-trust relationships and deliver more value, creating an even better client experience?  When Bill speaks at your meeting, your audience members and participants will learn how to quickly build relationships that lead to loyalty and retention, more business per client and referrals.

Bill Bachrach's Speaking Presentations

Customized Three-Day Values-Based Financial Planning Academy

If you would like your advisors to embrace the art of quickly building high-trust relationships and delivering more value to create an even better client experience, Bill will facilitate a customized, three-day Values-Based Financial Planning Academy.  At this Academy, advisors will practice specific scripts designed to more quickly produce the desired results.

Corporate Consulting

Custom Internal Program

Using his Values-Based Financial Planning Turn-Key Business Model, Bill has worked and works with numerous organizations and teams to create results-oriented internal custom training programs.

Review Existing Program

To take advantage of an outside perspective and a future-thinker, Bill is available to review existing processes, programs and plan for deployment for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  He has the ability to strategically identify gaps and / or incomplete steps which can inhibit company growth.

Board of Advice or Directors

Depending on the needs of your organization, Bill is available to sit on a board of advice or board of directors for a term (typically a year), which often includes strategic planning and project review. His primary value is two-fold: 30 years of experience across all financial services industry distribution channels and a complete, non-politically motivated point of view about direction and project viability.

To check Bill’s availability or to schedule him for your next speaking engagement, contact us online or call Anne Bachrach, Financial Services Speakers Network, directly at (858) 450-2963.