Do you want to work less and make MORE?

If the answer is YES or DUH…, then let Bill show you how you can do it!

Chances are very high that your current approach to client acquisition practically guarantees that you will work too many hours, for too little money, and for too many of the wrong clients.

Ironically, most Advisors want exactly the opposite: more money, less hours, and more of the right clients.

  1. More Money.
  2. Fewer Hours at the Office.
  3. Fewer Clients (but HIGH DOLLAR clients)

Bill Bachrach will share case studies, stories, and examples of what the best Advisors do well and what most Advisors are doing wrong.

In order to work fewer hours, acquire the RIGHT clients, and make more money, join us LIVE for this training session on October 9 by clicking this link.

Join Bill on this powerful training session to help you accelerate your results, so you can stop working too many hours, for too little money, and with too many of the “wrong” clients.

Income seldom exceeds personal development.―Jim Rohn

When you attend the LIVE training, you will have access to a special and valuable BONUS you only get when you show up for the LIVE webcast. We know how busy you are and how easy it is to register and then get distracted by something else when the time for the online training rolls around, so here’s an incentive for you to carve this event into your schedule in stone.

The bonus training video includes the 5 key habits of top Advisors who build businesses with 50 or fewer clients who each pay them $36,000 per year, or more. Whether you want to build a business exactly like this or not, these 5 key habits will help you build a stronger, better, and smarter business.

Show up for the Master Client Acquisition web training and Claim Your Bonus Training Video.


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