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What Trump’s DOL Review Means For You

President Trump as called for the DOL rules that establishes the Fiduciary standard on retirement advice to be reviewed.

What exactly does that mean, and what should you do about it?

I filmed a quick video with my thoughts:

Watch the video (it’s less than 2 minutes long), and let me know your thoughts.

Deeper Relationships = Greater Client Loyalty, More Business, and More Referrals

question markThere are 3 kinds of questions that will help you take a client conversation deeper.

1. Clarifying questions: “What do you mean by __________?”

ClarifyClarifying questions provide more detail. Imagine that you’re on an airplane, and you strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you with the comment, “Tell me something good that’s happening in your life today.” She answers, “My kids are going back to school!” A follow-up, clarifying question could be, “What do you mean by going back to school?” She tells you that her twin sons have been working all summer, living at home, and she’s looking forward to them getting back to college to start the next chapter in their growth and, as much as she loves having them at home, she’s also happy to have more time for herself. The clearer you are about the context, the easier it will be for you to go deep. Based on her response, what question would you ask next?

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4 Characteristics of Great Opening Questions

people at dinner partyThe easiest way to start a conversation with a stranger, after the standard exchange of names, is to ask a question — preferably something less bland than, “How are you doing?” or, “What do you do?”. There are better questions that create better conversations that can lead easily and naturally to an offer to talk again.

Great opening questions have 4 characteristics:

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Veteran Advisor? 5 Things to Live By When it Comes to Longevity and Your Business

Blog 3 ImageEvery advisor should re-do the math for their personal financial plan. Add another 10, 20, or even 30 years to the forecast to have enough money to maintain your lifestyle forever. How much do you need? How much do you have? What business decisions do you need to make today to bridge the gap?

For veteran advisors, it’s pretty simple:

1. Plan to work longer. One of the great things about our business is that it’s a great business to operate for a long time, even part time. Finally, once and for all, do what you’ve always known you should do to have the business you really want.

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Staying Compassionate In An Evolving Robo-Industry

Robo-AdvisorNew competition in the form of digital or “robo-advisors” has many industry leaders and advisors concerned. For the most part, machines are currently just digital money managers or TAMPs. As the machines get better and better at increasing their capability, and as user interfaces become friendlier, it’s possible that machines will be able to do sophisticated financial planning and give advice without a human interface.

Naïve advisors discount the machine as a legitimate competitor. Machines are as dumb right now as they are ever going to be. Their capability is increasing exponentially, not linearly. How many humans do you know who are twice as smart, twice as fast, or twice as effective as they were a year ago? Competition from technology will continue to get stronger, faster. Those advisors who try to hang on to skills that machines can do better will likely not survive. Technology is much better at the “hard skills” of crunching numbers, aggregating data, automating follow-up, portfolio construction and management, creating reports, etc. The smart human advisors will not compete with the machines.

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[VIDEO] Ask yourself…Are you confident in the future?

Ask yourself…Are you confident in the future? In the new world of the DOL Fiduciary Standard, Robo-Advisors and other industry disruptions, it’s possible for you to not only survive, but to THRIVE!

How? By focusing on the key areas that you can control and develop the skills and confidence needed to acquire high net-worth clients in any market and effectively manage yourself and your business. You control your client acquisition process and activities. You control the value you deliver to each client. You control how you lead your team and your business. You control how you manage your time and set your priorities. You control your quality of life and work / life balance.

Watch this two minute video and find out how to learn a 30-year proven process that’s completely turn-key for only $50 / month from Bill Bachrach.

Learn more or join the AdvisorRoadmap Community today.

[Video] Tactics and Strategies to Transform Your Business so it’s Highly Successful

During this video, Bill Bachrach describes the patterns of success on how to either transform, or build, your business to be highly successful. Are you focusing on the right activities every day to acquire new Ideal Clients? If not, or if you’re not sure, listen to some tips that just might help you be more successful.

If you’re interested in downloading a complimentary copy of the introduction and first chapter to my new e-book, How to Thrive in the New World of Robo-Advisors, DOL Fiduciary Standard, and the 5 Other Critical Industry Disruptions, visit

[Video] You Have The Ability to Transform Your Business and Create Your Ideal Life

Bill Bachrach discussing why being in the financial services industry is such a great business for 3 reasons:

1. You have control over your income
2. Time freedom
3. You get to help people

Whether your a veteran, mid-career, or just starting out in the business, you have control over your own destiny!

If you’re interested in downloading a complimentary copy of the introduction and first chapter to my new e-book, How to Thrive in the New World of Robo-Advisors, DOL Fiduciary Standard, and the 5 Other Critical Industry Disruptions, visit

(VIDEO) It’s Not About Retirement Planning Anymore, It’s About Life Planning: Increase Your Revenue By Improving Your People Skills

Kevin Knull, David Bach and Bill Bachrach discuss why people skills for financial professionals are more important than ever to succeed right now and in the next 5, 10, 20 years. In today’s world, it’s not about retirement planning, it’s about life planning.

Learn more about how to embrace technology and double down on your people skills here:

Bill Bachrach has teamed up with MoneyGuidePro® and FA Magazine to present a 3-Day Workshop & Online Course, Mastering the Art of Client Acquisition & Business Development: The 7 Critical Conversations to Building a Seven-Figure Financial Advice Business.

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November 13th – 15th, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

What If There’s No App For That

no-appI love the modern world. I love the computer, transportation, TiVo, and my iPhone.

Perhaps one of the reasons technology is so quickly embraced by us human beings is because we struggle to delay gratification. We spend more than we earn to live a lifestyle we can’t really afford, we get duped into believing we can get rich quick and without risk, we waste billions of dollars a year on fad diets that promise weight loss without effort, and we do the same with fitness equipment and programs that promise to make us fast and strong without breaking a sweat. Most of us joined the Financial Services industry, in part, for the unlimited income and total time freedom.

The “app” is the ultimate promise of instant gratification. Just download the app and you’ve got a way to do something you want done right now. It’s very cool. I love apps! Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app for everything? Need referrals instantly? There’s an app for that! Need to execute a brilliant client interview right now? There’s an app for that! Need to know the right advice to give a client so they achieve their goals for a meeting in 10 minutes? There’s an app for that! Need to hire a great assistant tomorrow? There’s an app for that! Need to know what to say to engage strangers at a social or business networking event so they want to meet you for business tomorrow? There’s an app for that! Need more confidence to build your business? There’s an app for that! Need to know how to get wealthy people to trust you with all of their money? There’s an app for that! And of course they are either free or only 99 cents and there is very little effort involved in using them and the results are guaranteed.

Sorry. I was being tongue in cheek to make a point. Of course, there are no apps for these things because not everything can be taken care of with an app.

What technology can’t change, not even the brilliance of the iPhone or the iPad or the many apps, is the fact that there are universal laws and principals that govern real and lasting success in life and in business. No matter how cool the technology becomes there will never be an app for those things that require mastery.

This is good news and bad news.

The bad news is that there is no app for that.

The good news is that there is no app for that.

There’s no app that will make you a black belt martial artist. Becoming a black belt will require a good instructor, lots of practice time, commitment, implementation in the real world, and dedication over several years.

Scratch golf? Sorry, no app for that.

Triathlete? Sorry, no app for that.

Tennis? Sorry, no app for that.

Guitar? Sorry, no app for that.

Piano? Sorry, no app for that.

Successful businessperson? Sorry, no app for that.

Good Spouse? Sorry, no app for that.

Good Parent? Sorry, no app for that.

Engineer? Sorry, no app for that.

Doctor? Sorry, no app for that.

Lawyer? Sorry, no app for that.

Mechanic? Sorry, no app for that.

Cop? Sorry, no app for that.

Firefighter? Sorry, no app for that.

Financial Planner or Advisor? Ditto. No app. Bummer.

There’s no app for conducting brilliant client interviews, effective implementation and progress meetings, asking for referrals, making follow-up calls, building the administrative and technical expert team to help you serve your clients. It’s all do-able, but there is no shortcut or silver bullet to produce results at the most important things in business and in life.

There’s no app, but there is a formula: a good instructor, lots of practice time, commitment, implementation in the real world, and dedication over several years.

The flip-side is that most Financial Advisors waste years, even decades, seeking and trying to circumvent a truth that cannot be escaped: there’s no app for lasting success. No shortcut. No silver bullet.

How is this good news? If you are one of the few who are actually willing to do the work, over time, to build these skills you have a distinct and substantial advantage over what will no longer even be called the “competition.” Embark on the Master’s journey and you will acquire all the Ideal Clients you need to generate all the business revenue to cover your expenses, pay your taxes, and have all the net income you want for a great present lifestyle, and all the money you need to fund your future goals and financial independence.

What does a Financial Advisor need to master in order to build a successful business? Just 6 things.

Client Service Mastery. Help your clients get their entire financial house in perfect order and keep it that way forever. This starts with the implementation meeting, which is the first meeting after you’ve been hired, and cycles through 3 meetings per year to help your clients keep their financial house in perfect order.

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