How much “REAL” vacation are you taking every year?

Photo-Success-shutterstock_37712386-300x300When Advisors are asked this question, they often respond to us with the question, “What do you mean by “REAL” vacation?”

REAL vacation is time away from the office where you are fully UNPLUGGED from work.  You are NOT checking email, NOT calling the office, NOT reading business books and magazines, NOT even following the markets or watching the news or doing anything that makes you think about work. One 22-year veteran recently said to us, “by those standards, I haven’t had a vacation in 22 years.”

Now knowing the definition, what is your answer to the question, How much “REAL” vacation are you taking every year?

Can you imagine a point in your near future where you can take as many weeks of REAL vacation as you want every year? This is a time where you are totally unplugged and purely having fun with your friends and family. What has to happen to make that real for you?

It’s not going to happen by accident. If you are ever going to tap your true earning potential and have the quality of life you really want, YOU are going to have DO something to make it happen.

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