Are you communicating with your clients enough?

Are you currently sending your clients and prospects valuable content each month that they look forward to reading and keeps YOU on top of their mind?

This is a really good newsletter, it’s well done. I didn’t throw it in the trash like I do with 99% of what comes in here.”–Scott P’s client

Research has shown that it is easier to keep your great clients when you reach out and “touch” them 24 times per year (2 times per month). This shows them that you care and that you’re there to help them.

This communication can be in the form of a birthday or special occasion card, a phone call, a progress meeting, a high-value newsletter, etc.

If you’re not currently communicating this frequently with your clients and prospects, you can start doing this right away.

This is a great strategy for retaining your clients for the long-term and getting even more referrals.

“The comments we get about the Quality of Life newsletter from our clients is very positive. One comment we get the most is, “It’s the one thing I read every month.” This is one reason why we have been sending out this non-financial newsletter for at least 11 years.” –Greg C.

One of the most effective ways to deliver communication is through a high-value newsletter that gets sent out in the mail (yes, I said the mail).

Emails are easily missed; however, when a newsletter arrives in the mail from someone you know, like, and trust… odds of that being opened and read are very high.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily have your own personalized high-value newsletter and didn’t have to write it?

You can!!!

“I’ve been using these Quality of Life newsletters since day one as a financial advisor and have never missed a month! I get the most positive comments from my clients about these newsletters. My clients continually say they love receiving them and I even get calls about certain articles in the newsletter. My clients love the fact they aren’t business oriented and it truly helps them be a better person.” –Jack W.

The Values-Based Quality of Life™ newsletter, is a done-for-you personalized newsletter that you can use to keep in contact with clients and prospects, without you and your team having to do all of the work.

To check out the Values-Based Quality of Life™ newsletter, and discover how you can have a turnkey, personalized newsletter done-for-you, at a low investment, click here. (

“I am really enjoying the newsletters, they are excellent! Your newsletters are great quality and I’ve been passing them along, as long as they give them back to me. They’re all about physical health, relationship health, inner health and career health. Just fantastic! To me I think this is great information that people can actually use.” –Dean K.’s client

Use the monthly high-value Values-Based Quality of Life newsletter to keep in contact with clients and prospects.  There is nothing financial in the newsletter (because you take care of that for them)—it is all about things in life people can’t delegate (physical health, inner health, mental health, career health, and relationship health).

Check out this high-value, client-centric, very affordable, and personalized newsletter by going to


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