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(VIDEO) Increase Your Advice Fee, Generate More Commissions, and Receive More Referrals

Learn how Chris, a Trusted Advisor, increased his predictable fixed-fee, generated more commissions, and received more referrals with the Financial Road Map®.

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(VIDEO) Top Financial Advisor Training

Are you a successful Financial Advisor looking to improve your client value and build a better business? Watch this short message from industry expert, Bill Bachrach.

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Bill Bachrach and his team specialize in helping successful Financial Advisors transform themselves into Financial Advisor leaders who work with financially successful clients. They train the best financial advisors in the world and those who aspire to be, as measured by value for the client, financial success and quality of life.


The Academy Experience: Importance of Role Playing

How often do you role-play your initial client interview and get valuable feedback from a professional coach and your peers? Our Trusted Advisors do this four times a year for six straight days at the Bachrach & Associates, Inc. Academies.

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Financial Advisor Magazine Bill Bachrach Two Bridges Article – Part 1

The above video and below text is from the website, Perfect Client reviewing Bill Bachrach’s article, ‘Crossing the Relationship Bridges.’ It’s always nice to hear others giving us a review about our work and how we train the top Financial Advisors in the world, and those who aspire to be. Enjoy!

*We will be doing a 3 part series on the article “Two Bridges” by Bill Bachrach in Financial Advisor magazine.

According to Bill Bachrach, there exist two bridges for clients.

For the first bridge, on one side, clients like you and trust you enough to do some business with you. On the other side of this first bridge, clients trust you so much they give you all of their business.

For the second bridge, on the other side, clients do all their business with you AND they introduce you to their friends, family and colleagues. This entails a very high level of trust since they are risking their relationships by referring you.

But, the key here is getting your clients to cross the bridge. By crossing the bridge, your clients are making a statement about you. You have done the work to make them come to you. Now, how do you get clients to cross the bridge? In this blog post and video, we cover Bill Bachrach’s first two strategies.

1) Don’t be in relationship denial.

As an advisor, you have to come to terms with the fact that some of your very best clients may have money with other advisors.

2) Elevate your client value using these four words:

Visual: Make everything you create visually interesting.

Engage: Engage all parties about their future and the financial decisions needed to make that future a reality.

Compelling: Make every recommendation more compelling.

Experiential: Improve the experience of working with you and every human and non-human element of your process.

But, we believe Bill Bachrach is not addressing a critical piece of the puzzle.

You have to develop the relationship first or else none of these strategies matter. Without a strong and trusting relationship, there is no way you can get your clients to cross these bridges.

Lastly, who are you developing this relationship with? Who exactly do you want to cross these bridges? At Perfect Client, we develop relationships with centers of influence, in most cases CPAs, which provides the benefit of strategic leverage. When you do that, the CPAs’ best clients are going to cross the bridge with them.

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this series!

Crossing the Relationship Bridges

Take a sneak Peak into the Webinar Series with Bill Bachrach. View this clip from the first webinar in the series titled, ‘Crossing the Relationship Bridges’.

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Dan Talks About Overcoming Fees With Clients And Building Trust

Are you worth your weight in gold to your clients? Listen to this inspirational story from Dan, one of our Trusted Advisors and how he overcame the fear of charging such a high fee to his clients. Money follows value delivered to the client.

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Debbie Sets Goals That Once Seemed Impossible

We love sharing success stories of our Trusted Financial Advisors! Watch Debbie discuss setting and reaching goals that once seemed impossible or just a dream!

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What Has Financial Training Done For You?

Watch these Financial Advisors share their whole story in the videos to follow.

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(VIDEO) Cut Off Distractions!

How can you be a more successful Financial Advisor? Cut off distractions! Seems easier said than done, right? NO!

Listen to Bill Bachrach discuss ways to avoid the distraction-producing machine that overwhelms the financial services industry. Bill provides single, simple, doable things that the most successful Financial Advisors are doing to not only avoid distractions, but to grow their business and distinguish themselves from the competition.

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(VIDEO) If Comfort Is Your Goal, Success Is Not In Your Future!

Watch the video below to hear an important message from Bill Bachrach that will help you achieve your goals so you can build your Ideal Life by building an Ideal Business with Ideal Clients.

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If you are interested in hiring Bill Bachrach to speak at your next conference, please visit www.billbachrach.com/speaker.