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(VIDEO) Increase Your Advice Fee, Generate More Commissions, and Receive More Referrals

Learn how Chris, a Trusted Advisor, increased his predictable fixed-fee, generated more commissions, and received more referrals with the Financial Road Map®.

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ELEVATE – Webinar Series with Bill Bachrach

elevate-headerElevate: To increase the level of something or raise to a higher place or state.


Elevate Your Business to the Next Level and Get On Track to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever?: Enroll yourself in this 5-part Webinar Series presented by Bill Bachrach and the cumulative effect will be:

  • Inspiring your Existing Clients to do ALL of their business with YOU.
  • Improved focus and skill acquiring clients.
  • Offering and delivering a Client Value Proposition that no other Financial Advisor can offer.
  • Generating more revenue from planning / advice fees, AUM / FUM, other advice implemented.
  • Improved Quality of Life – Working fewer hours, serving the right type of clients and making more money so you can spend more time doing the things you truly want to do.


  1. Understanding Robo-Advising: Why You Shouldn’t Compete With The Machines
  2. A Fixed-Fee for Advice Business: How Transparency is Changing Our Industry and What To Do To Stay Ahead of The Curve
  3. Kill The ‘Elevator Pitch’: Leverage Change by Building Trust in an Industry That’s Not Trusted
  4. The Work Habits of the Most Successful Financial Advisors: How to Master 4 Key Elements That Will Transform Your Business
  5. An Introduction to Values-Based Financial Planning and How to Utilize the Financial Road Map

Tuition: $500 until May 8th ($650 after)

Dates: June 9th & 23rd, July 14th & 28th, August 11th

All Webinars will start at 8:00am PST.
(Duration = 60 minutes – Recorded Video / Audio Replays Will Be Made Available)


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Trusted Advisor Success Story

gildayMeet Brett, a Trusted Financial Adviser from NSW, Australia. This is what he had to say about using the Financial Road Map®.

“As a result of completing 39 Financial Road Maps I have added 5 Ideal Clients that pay me $24,000 per annum. Additionally, I have added $304,000 in recurring revenue as a result of funds / assets under management.

Following a Financial Road Map® meeting, many of our existing clients have asked us to help them with more and more of their overall finances meaning we have been able to help them more holistically than ever before, and, raise our ongoing fees for the added value the clients feel they are receiving.

The biggest benefit of using the Financial Road Map® is the relationship it develops and the flow of referrals it provides, I have received 42!”

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Financial Advisor Magazine Bill Bachrach Two Bridges Article – Part 1

The above video and below text is from the website, Perfect Client reviewing Bill Bachrach’s article, ‘Crossing the Relationship Bridges.’ It’s always nice to hear others giving us a review about our work and how we train the top Financial Advisors in the world, and those who aspire to be. Enjoy!

*We will be doing a 3 part series on the article “Two Bridges” by Bill Bachrach in Financial Advisor magazine.

According to Bill Bachrach, there exist two bridges for clients.

For the first bridge, on one side, clients like you and trust you enough to do some business with you. On the other side of this first bridge, clients trust you so much they give you all of their business.

For the second bridge, on the other side, clients do all their business with you AND they introduce you to their friends, family and colleagues. This entails a very high level of trust since they are risking their relationships by referring you.

But, the key here is getting your clients to cross the bridge. By crossing the bridge, your clients are making a statement about you. You have done the work to make them come to you. Now, how do you get clients to cross the bridge? In this blog post and video, we cover Bill Bachrach’s first two strategies.

1) Don’t be in relationship denial.

As an advisor, you have to come to terms with the fact that some of your very best clients may have money with other advisors.

2) Elevate your client value using these four words:

Visual: Make everything you create visually interesting.

Engage: Engage all parties about their future and the financial decisions needed to make that future a reality.

Compelling: Make every recommendation more compelling.

Experiential: Improve the experience of working with you and every human and non-human element of your process.

But, we believe Bill Bachrach is not addressing a critical piece of the puzzle.

You have to develop the relationship first or else none of these strategies matter. Without a strong and trusting relationship, there is no way you can get your clients to cross these bridges.

Lastly, who are you developing this relationship with? Who exactly do you want to cross these bridges? At Perfect Client, we develop relationships with centers of influence, in most cases CPAs, which provides the benefit of strategic leverage. When you do that, the CPAs’ best clients are going to cross the bridge with them.

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this series!

What Has Financial Training Done For You?

Watch these Financial Advisors share their whole story in the videos to follow.

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Webinar Series to Help You Launch Into the First Quarter of 2015 and Make It Your Best Year Ever.

How Can You Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever?: Enroll yourself in this 10-week Webinar Series presented by Bill Bachrach and the cumulative effect will be:

  • Inspiring your Existing Clients to do ALL of their business with YOU.
  • Improved focus and skill acquiring clients.
  • Offering and delivering a Client Value Proposition that no other Financial Advisor can offer.
  • Generating more revenue from planning / advice fees, AUM, other advice implemented.
  • Improved Quality of Life – Working fewer hours, serving the right type of clients and making more money so you can spend more time doing the things you truly want to do.

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The Relationship Bridges by Bill Bachrach

bridgeThere are 2 relationship bridges to cross with most of your clients that you may not even realize exist. On this side of the first bridge you have clients who like and trust you enough to do some of their business with you. This may be quite a bit of business generating good money to serve these clients. On the other side of the bridge, however, is a relationship with those same clients where they trust you so much that they give you all of their business. In other words, they consolidate all of their assets with you and take action on all of your advice about everything they need to do to achieve their financial goals. That could be increasing their insurance coverage, buying an annuity, doing their estate planning, or any number of things that are good for them to do.

What would be the increased revenue impact from crossing the bridge with your clients to the place where they do all of their business with you?

Don’t believe the lie that financially successful people will always have more than one advisor. That’s just not true. What is true is that most financially successfully people have not yet crossed that relationship bridge to be in the place where they trust one of their advisors enough to do all of their business with them. You just want to make sure that you’re the advisor who helps them across that bridge.

After you cross the first bridge there is still another relationship bridge to cross. On the other side of the next bridge is the place where they trust you enough to do all of their financial services business with you AND they introduce you to their friends, family, and colleagues. It makes sense, right? That level of trust has to be even higher for a person to risk their relationships by referring you.

What would the financial impact be for you to cross those 2 bridges with your clients? What other ways would you benefit from clients who trust you enough to do all of their business with you and refer you to their friends, family, and colleagues? And how would it be better for the clients to simplify their financial lives by consolidating all of their financial affairs with the one advisor they trust the most?

The payoff for you is easily measured:
·      More revenue from planning and advice fees.
·      More revenue from AUM.
·      More revenue from other advice implemented.
·      More referrals, which means much less time and money invested in marketing.

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Don’t waste any time scouring our website for more information about what we do and how we do it. Just pick up the phone and have a conversation with a human being about how you can better serve your clients and grow your business.

Make it a great day.

5 Ways Financial Advisors Leave Money on the Table, Under-Serve Their Clients, and What to do About It

The experts on achieving goals say the first, and a very important step, to achieving a goal is deciding to. My hope is that this article points out some opportunities for you to make more money and serve your clients at a higher level and that you decide to do something about it.

The 5 ways Financial Advisers leave money on the table are:

1.   Not charging a fee, or charging too small of a fee, for up-front planning and advice work.

2.   Not consolidating your client’s assets.

3.   Unimplemented advice.

4.   Referrals.

5.   Wasting time.

1. Not charging a fee, or charging too small of a fee, for up-front planning and advice work. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard a Financial Adviser say, “I do the planning for free in the hopes of getting some of their assets” I’d have a lot of nickels. This is an amateurish approach. Instead, charge a fee for quality planning work that stands on its own merits, whether the client implements with you or not. And if they do choose to act on your advice with you then you deserve to be paid for that as well. How is this better for the client? Because when a person pays for advice they tend to be more inclined to act on it. And it’s acting on advice that produces results. No action. No results.

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Offer a Value Proposition to Your Clients That No Other Financial Advisor Can Offer

As a financial advisor, you have the opportunity and control to have the income you want, time freedom, and the ability to help people. It truly is a great business!

Yet, most financial advisors are working too many hours, serving too many of the wrong clients and making too little money. Why? Well there are several answers to that question but what it boils down to is do you offer a value proposition to your clients that no other Financial Advisor in your area can match and do you deliver on that value proposition?

Here at BAI we embrace the philosophy ‘Overpromise and Overdeliver.’

Partner with BAI and you will learn to present with confidence a powerful and impactful value proposition that will propel you to the top 1 percent of all financial advisors; develop a client acquisition method so you can work by referral-only; build a team of A-players that you lead effectively; manage your time, priorities and calendar, allowing you to save time, which will move you more quickly toward your goals and fill your time with high-payoff activities.

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Not Bad Enough to Fire. Not Good Enough to Refer

Last year I had lunch with a very successful couple. She had recently sold her business and for the better part of the past year has been interviewing Financial Advisors. She described the experience as “dismal.” To be specific, none of them impressed her with their deliverables, if they were able to show her actual deliverables at all. She felt more like money they were trying to capture rather than a human being they were trying to help.

Another striking element of our conversation was her experience seeking referrals to financial advisors from her most successful friends. She contacted 10 of her mentors who had helped her build her business over the years. They were worth millions on the low end and upwards of $100 Million on the high end. Virtually all of them told her they were not happy enough with their advisor to make a referral and asked her to contact them when she found the person she hired. Whoa! Not a single person among the most financially successful people she knew was willing to introduce her to their financial advisor. Sobering to say the least.

What’s the moral of the story and action-able lessons for you? There are several:

1. Where do you think you stand, really, in the mind of your clients? Is it possible that some of them have been asked about you and chose to not make the introduction? Are they telling you the truth when they fill out those client satisfaction surveys?

2. Consider refer-ability as a metric of trust. The more your clients trust you the more likely they are to refer you to their friends, family, and colleagues. If you are not being referred there could be a trust gap. What will you do about that?

3.  Consider refer-ability as a metric of value received by the client. Even if they trust that you are an honest person, this does not mean they are impressed by the value they are experiencing. If you are not being referred there could be a value delivery gap. What will you do about that?

4.  Don’t presume that when prospective clients tell you they are happy with their advisor they are really happy with their advisor. What’s more likely is that they feel too busy to do something about finding the advisor they would really like to have or they don’t really believe that there is something better so they settle for what they think is normal. Many financially successful people do business with their current advisor more because of inertia than true satisfaction or happiness. How will use this knowledge to attract and convert more financially successful people to become your future Ideal Clients?

5. Bill Gates once said, “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”  Have you become at all complacent about the 1% you collect on your clients’ assets?

If you are a Financial Advisor interested in growing your business and building your Ideal Life, Bachrach & Associates, Inc. offers a free 60-minute consultation to help you build an effective business plan so you can get back to the fundamentals and make 2014 your best year ever! To schedule this, visit www.billbachrach.com or call (858)558-3200.

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