The 7 Critical Conversations to Build & Maintain a 7-Figure Business – Part 7

Critical Conversation #7: Mastery to articulate your value promise and make your offer for them to become a client.


This is where the rubber meets the road. If you do not get hired by the clients you would like to get hired by, all of the time and effort up to this point is wasted. This is where you monetize.


How succinctly and effectively can you articulate your value promise? How well can you answer the two simple client questions, “How much does it cost?” and, “What do I get?” without over-explaining the details or giving a lecture that would only interest a graduate student in economics, but bores your prospects and clients to tears.


If you “had them at hello” you can easily lose them here. The conversation virtuoso orchestrates the face-to-face meeting so the client has a great experience and is more inclined to say, “let’s get started” rather than, “We need to think it over.”


The most brilliant financial planning technician, the most savvy investment advisor, the most talented wealth manager, or the most knowledgeable insurance, estate planning, or tax expert does not stand a chance of building an Ideal Clientele without a high level of skill and confidence with these 7 Critical Conversations.


The collective mastery of these 7 Critical Conversations will give you the skill and the confidence to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere. The skill and confidence to speak with any one, anytime, anywhere is how you get the clients you really want, build the business you really want, and live the life you really want.



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  2. Client Service
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