The 7 Critical Conversations to Build & Maintain a 7-Figure Business – Part 6

Critical Conversation #6: Mastery at Financial Benchmarking.


This is the skill to handle their financial documents with finesse… without getting deep into the details or the irrelevant stories about the history of each document. This is a 10-minute benchmarking exercise that establishes their current position on the road to achieving their most important goals and fulfilling their most deeply held values. Sometimes the skill is learning what NOT to say. It’s okay to have a thought you don’t express, right? Otherwise, you have LONG meetings that deter people from hiring you. The confused mind says, “We’ll think it over.” Why do they have to think it over? Because there is too much detail to make a decision right now. We value people who simplify our lives and save us time. Are you giving people more information and education than they want or need in order to make a good decision, now, to hire you?


The conversation virtuoso manages the flow so people can make a good decision about hiring you to be their financial advisor today. If more people than you would like are leaving your office to “think it over” you have an opportunity to improve in this area.


How would mastering this critical conversation help you grow your business with Ideal Clients?


AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training for Financial Advisors is a web-based, virtual training platform unlike anything in the industry. This state-of-the-art platform will help you maximize your client value promise, grow your business, and master client acquisition. The training utilizes Adult Learning Theory which helps to accelerate learning, retention, and results. This unique training platform takes most of what Bill has been teaching for the past 25+ years and condenses it down so you receive proven processes and skills (via interactive training courses, videos, scripts, interviews, live webinars with Bill, monthly podcasts, and demonstrations) in the following 4 main areas:

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  2. Client Service
  3. Leadership
  4. Time / Priority Management


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