The 7 Critical Conversations to Build & Maintain a 7-Figure Business – Part 5

Critical Conversation #5: Mastery at helping people define clear targets with specific dates and amounts of money wanted.


Goals are the tangible what they want built on the foundation of their values. You can develop the skill to lead an emotionally compelling and inspiring goals conversation about. It’s a skill, an art form actually. And it’s learn-able.


One mistake often made by FAs is that instead of asking a question about goals they suggest goals with statements like, “If you’re like a lot of people in your 40s or 50s or 60s you are probably concerned about retirement.” The risk is that many people have a negative association with the term retirement. During our workshops for prospects and clients, as well as with advisors, I often ask, “How many of you have a negative association with the word ‘retirement?’” It’s common for more than half of them to raise their hands. Then I ask, “what are the words you associate with the term ‘retirement?’” Common responses are: “Uselessness. Unproductive. Death. Out to pasture. No longer relevant. Bored.” I know it’s not your intention, but when you broadcast the “retirement” word you may be moving the needle in the wrong direction, especially with financially successful people who like to work.


Instead ask an open-ended question like, “What’s one of your tangible goals that requires money and planning to achieve?”


How would mastering this critical conversation help you grow your business with Ideal Clients?


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