The 7 Critical Conversations to Build & Maintain a 7-Figure Business – Part 4

Critical Conversation #4: Mastery at making an emotional connection in the face-to-face interview.


What follows the opening is a conversation with each spouse about personal core values. Core values are the emotional why that drive all of their important decisions. Most FAs jump too quickly into asking clients about goals, needs, or wants without laying an emotional foundation of why people want what they want. The skill to set this emotional foundation is crucial. Why always precedes what.


Values are represented by words like security, freedom, family, making a difference in the community or the world, satisfaction, fulfillment, inner peace, oneness with God, happiness, nirvana, etc.


Values are more about being, while goals are more about doing and having.


How would mastering this critical conversation help you grow your business with Ideal Clients?


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